What to Text a Girl After You Get Her Number

Okay so you got her number, now what? I get asked this all the time by a bunch of friends and readers. A lot of guys have gotten good at getting a girls number, but have no idea what to say to her to start up some good conversation. I decided to talk about this topic by answering some questions asked by my friend Michael from Atlanta, Georgia.

Michael writes:

Q: Is it ok to be funny and joke around for the initial texts?

A: It all depends on what type of humor you are going for.

Now none of this is written in stone, but I would suggest to avoid trying to be an entertainer and trying to make her laugh. Stick to being casual and lighthearted in order to break the ice. A cool approach to try is opening with some callback humor. Bring up something that you know she likes, or maybe that you both like. Joke about a funny person you saw last time you hung out.

Q: What about sending her pictures?

A: As long as they aren’t of your “little friend” who lives downstairs, sending pictures can be a great way to connect

Stick to stuff you would both find funny. Crazy cats, memes, or YouTube videos do the trick. Remember not to send too much too soon or make it obvious that you want her to like you. the point is again to keep things casual and low pressure.

Q: If I’m always keeping it casual then how will she know I want to be more than friends?

A: If you met recently and she’s texting you and agreeing to hang out, chances are she likes you to some degree.

The way to handle that is to keep moving the interaction forward. Getting her number, making plans, getting to know each other, the first kiss: the faster and smoother you accomplish those is what is going to create the attraction. What you text and say in the beginning stages is meant to keep her feeling relaxed and comfortable enough to move forward with you. It might not make sense, but texting her like an old friend is more likely to spike her interest. Ironically, texting her trying to be super cool and original is more likely to get you FRIENDZONED (yuck!)

Q: What if I’m already friendzoned?

A: There’s plenty of ways to handle that too! Check out my friend Bobby’s course Magnetic Messaging for the answers to this and more.

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